Thank you so much for being a part of the creation of my latest program - Upgrade Your Life: Start Living Your Purpose & Make Money Doing It. 

Below you will find my brief summary of the responses and how I plan to use the results to shape the UYL course. Enjoy! 

Survey Results Graph (percentages)

Brief Summary (of the top 5 responses)

Becoming an Entrepreneur (23%)

The overwhelming response in this section is that you simply need help breaking through fear and getting started on creating a business. You think you may want to start a business of your own, you’ve had the desire for a long time, but you just don’t know how to begin. Especially without spending much money. Luckily this is a major element of the course. I started my business with NO money at all and now I’m making over six figures without any investors or startup capital. I’m going to teach you exactly how I did it. 

Defining (or Redefining) Your Life Purpose (16%)

There was quite a bit of overlap between this section and the “becoming an entrepreneur” section. The primary difference, however, was that the people who selected “becoming an entrepreneur” want to know how to get started. You want to know how to find the business that’s right for you and how to find your life purpose.  You’ve spent so much time in your current habits that you’ve become disconnected from your dreams and you’re not totally clear on what they are anymore. The answers to these questions are going to be a major component of the UYL program. I’ve been so blessed to have incredible teachers to lead me to unlock my passion and I’m so excited to bring these teachings directly to you. 

Positive Thinking & Mindset (14%)

There are two words that describe these results: SELF-DOUBT and FEAR. You want to know how to stay positive when things are not going as planned, and how to quickly switch from a negative mindset to a positive one so that you can stay focused on your goals and dreams without giving up. As we know, our thoughts create our entire reality. A positive mindset is an essential ingredient for success. Every element of the UYL program will keep your mind in check so you can manifest your dreams in a concrete way. 

Managing Stress & Anxiety (13%)

Those of you who selected this option had one thing in common: when you have “too much going on” you get overwhelmed and lose the ability to remain focused on your dreams and goals. Stress creeps in and you need tools to notice those triggers before they take over. A positive mindset is essential for success, and you cannot have a positive mindset when you’re stressed. It’s just not possible. You lose access to your creativity, focus, and motivation. Through my practices of yoga and meditation, I’ve learned some major tools to help keep you in balance, and I’m bringing these tools to the UYL course.

Healthy Eating, Diet, and Food (13%) 

This one is classic, and exactly what I expected. You want to know how to keep eating healthy when you are busy. You need easy recipes to make at home that don’t take much time. You need to know how to eat healthy when you are on the go, and you need to know what to order at a restaurant when you're out. When you get busy, you lose your consistency and discipline, and suddenly you’re thrown completely off track. Although the UYL program is not going to be focused completely on food, I am going to show you tangible techniques to tackle your diet. Fortunately for the 13%, I have a huge passion for food, and I may be launching a new program in the near future that focuses primarily on eating delicious, amazing, and healthy food. 

What's next? 

I'll be doing a "soft launch" of the Upgrade Your Life program to a small circle of friends and family next week. If you are seeing this page, you're on that list and I'll be in touch! If you don't hear from me, just shoot me an email by clicking here.