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Justin Michael Williams



Three years ago, Justin Michael Williams sat next to his grandmother on her death bed in her final days of battling cancer as she asked him a question that changed his life forever.

"If you were in my shoes and knew you were going to die in two months, what would you do?"

Williams immediately responded with, "I would drop everything I'm doing and finally record an album." 

Bringing his dream to life, Williams was thrust into the spotlight when his debut album, METAMORPHOSIS premiered at #18 on the iTunes Pop Charts in 2016, along with features by Spotify, NewNowNext, and the Wall Street Journal. 

Although Williams is still an independent artist, several critics say Justin’s urban pop sound and thundering falsetto rival mainstream acts like Maxwell, The Weeknd, and Prince.

Reviews say his live show is taking pop-infused R&B to a new level that is as inspiring as it is entertaining.

He has grabbed the attention of major stages and international festivals, including The Hotel Cafe, White Party Palm Springs, and the Wanderlust Festival Tour.

Williams grew up poor, surrounded by violence, addiction, and domestic abuse, yet overcame all odds to graduate from a major university, start his own business, and now - finally live his childhood dream of being an international recording artist. 

"What inspires me most in life is watching people accomplish the impossible," says Williams, "If my music and words can inspire people to do the same, I've fulfilled my mission."


Garnering Critical Acclaim

iTunes Top 20 Pop Album Debut



"Sincere, intoxicating and pouring with soft melodies" - Billboard

"An arrestingly sharp falsetto of soul." - Free Bike Valet

"Williams’ falsetto floats throughout his new pop-infused album 'Metamorphosis'" - AFROPUNK

"There are some artists who... are as processed as the snacks found in most school lunches – and then there are artists such as Justin Michael Williams who take music to a level that’s artistic in a way that a museum piece is." - Coming Up Mag

"Emotional. Haunting" - NewNowNext

"Dives deep into your being" - SoundChips

"A music star on the rise with a powerful voice and message to share with the world."New York Amsterdam News

"Otherworldly" - OH ES TEE 

“Metapmorphosis” channels classic elements of love, loss, and self-acceptance and is a brilliant examination of the human experience through Justin’s eyes." - Beehive Candy




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