Heyyyy. It's me...

Transforming current and future generations...

...through no-bullshit teachings and music

Heyyy. It's me.

Best-Selling Author | Transformational Speaker | Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist

Working at the Intersection of
Music | Meditation | Equality 

I’m not like the rest.
Let me explain…

Deeply rooted in my core is the drive to teach through raw honesty. And while I am humbled by being an award-winning author, Grammy-nominated recording artist, and keynote speaker (Google, Apple, Bloomberg, SXSW, etc.), the truth is, I am here to change lives. That’s my main goal.

Sure, there are a lot of other spiritual teachers out there who will say the same thing, as they should. But what a majority of them won’t tell you is that the road is a rough one. The work is f*cking hard. And the path to true joy is painful.

And if there is any takeaway I’d love you to have is that while I don’t fit the traditional mold of a transformational luminary, I am, in fact, the future. Here to represent people who see themselves in me and inspire generations ready for change. So let’s f*ck around and find out in all the ways that strengthen and unify us.

Words are Cool, But Give This a Play...


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Transformational Speaker


With nearly two decades of teaching experience and a global digital reach spanning more than 40 countries, my work has touched countless lives. I bring that experience on stage in full force with the energy of a solar flare. I am committed to making sure everyone, regardless of their age, ethnicity, background, or circumstances, has the tools to transform their lives and transform society. And thus, I’m happy to speak and teach on almost any stage, anywhere. If it helps the people, I’m there.


Grammy-Nominated Musician


While I love to speak, write books, and interview people on my podcast, my original and true love is music. In the past I was Justin the Speaker and Justin the Musician, but lately, I have found how to meld those two together. With my experience in multi forms of media, I’ve learned where the crossover lies. My music has evolved to not only be something you blast through your car speakers, windows down, on a cool night, but also something you experience, something that moves you. A powerful medium for enjoyment and growth performed in parallel.


Best-Selling Author


I love to write books that change lives. There I said it. In my first book, Stay Woke, I brought mindfulness to young people across America, earning a “Next Generation Award” by Walden New Thought Awards. In my latest book, Shelly Tygielski and I tackle the end of racism by looking back from the year 2050. Every book I write, I write from my heart in hopes the ripple effect moves us to a better world. And it also doesn’t hurt that people like Martin Luther King III, Sharon Salzberg, Shaun King, Yung Pueblo, Shelah Marie, Valarie Kaur, Arianna Huffington, Jon Kabat-Zinn, among a bunch of others have endorsed my work.


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