The Power of AUTHENTICITY (w/ Sara Agah Franti)

the kingdom Jun 14, 2021

#48 - Power of AUTHENTICITY (w/ Sara Agah Franti) In this special session of The Kingdom, our special guest, Sara Agah Franti shares her 3-step process for LIVING authentically. Learn how your values, courage, and self-compassion help you on the road to your truest self.

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The Power of SPIRIT GUIDES (w/Juna Mustad)

the kingdom Jun 07, 2021

#47 - Power of SPIRIT GUIDES (w/ Juna Mustad)

Learn about the power of Spirit Guides in this special session with our guest and intuitive healer Juna Mustad. She even guides us through a special practice to help you connect with your guides right here on The Kingdom!

Juna Mustad's Instagram: @juna.mustad

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The Power of RAISING YOUR VIBRATION (w/ Elton Anderson Jr)

the kingdom Jun 01, 2021

#46 - Power of RAISING YOUR VIBRATION (w/ Elton Anderson Jr)

Our special guest Elton Anderson Jr. believes in one important lesson: Don’t chase your dreams. “If you’re chasing something, that means it’s running from you.” Get the breakdown on how to raise your vibe to let things COME TO YOU instead of chasing after them in this powerful episode.

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The Power of KNOWING WHERE TO LOOK (w/ Light Watkins)

the kingdom May 25, 2021

Power of Knowing Where to Look (w/ Light Watkins)

In this powerful session, learn how daily doses of inspiration can inspire you to live your best life. Our special guest Light Watkins reminds us what’s important with boundaries, growth, and motivation.

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the kingdom May 18, 2021

#44 - Power of MENTAL HEALTH

Mental health is a term that we throw around loosely these days, and in this episode, Justin busts the myths of mental health to help us understand what it REALLY means to expand our capacity for growth and healing. Hint: it has nothing to do with being happy. Learn how to expand your window of tolerance to challenging emotions, and how the FEEL - REVEAL - HEAL model can help you overcome any obstacle standing in the way of your power.

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The Power of DISORDER

the kingdom May 04, 2021

#42 Power of DISORDER (w/ Vanessa Inn & Cristi Christensen)

Learn how disorder in our lives can help us RE-ORDER in a way that brings us more power and purpose. When you’re going through a rough patch, and things are not working in your favor, the tips our guests give in this episode will help you find the message in the mess so you can move forward and learn the lesson that’s trying to press through.

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the kingdom Apr 27, 2021

#41 Power of Creativity

There’s a difference between Colonized Creativity and Decolonized Creativity. Learn how to distinguish between the two and wake up your creative power in this life-altering interactive session with Justin. Here’s a hint: you don’t have to be an “artist” to be creative. You’re creating the most important thing of all—your life. Dive in.

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The Power of TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF (w/ Elena Brower)

the kingdom Apr 19, 2021

#40 Power of Taking Care of Yourself (w/ Elena Brower)

Mama and Best-Selling Author Elena Brower joins us for a deeper conversation of self-care that goes beyond the general niceties of affirmations and bubble baths. How do you ACTUALLY care for yourself in a way that impacts the world, and allows your creativity and purpose to blossom? Elena sits with Justin in this powerful session to tell you how, including a guided practice that made our live audience weep. 

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The Power of "THE DOUBLE A's"

the kingdom Apr 13, 2021

#39 Power of “THE DOUBLE A’s”

There are two words starting with the letter “A” that will change the trajectory of your life. Everything we do, to everything we think and say, is based upon these two words. And if you don’t be careful, there’s another A word you might have to deal with. Enjoy this powerful session on what Justin calls, “The Double A’s.”

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