How We Ended Racism

Realizing a New Possibility in One Generation

by Justin Michael Williams & Shelly Tygielski

A look back from a future in which racism is no more―inspiring us to start taking positive action today

“It’s the year 2050… and racism has ended.”

Could this really be our future? If so, what has to happen now to achieve such a radical change? In How We Ended Racism, Justin Michael Williams and Shelly Tygielski reveal a path for real and lasting global impact―not just talking about it, studying it, or making small steps, but actually ending racism in one generation.


Explore What How We Ended Racism is All About


“This book can renew your faith in The Dream and truly continues the legacy of my father.” 

- Martin Luther King III

“Filled with deep insights and actionable strategies, this inspiring read presents the 8 Pillars of Possibility, paving the way for transformative conversations, and empowering us to shape a brighter future for all people.”

- Arianna Huffington

"Brilliant and visionary, Williams and Tygielski are midwives to the world we dream. They shift our focus from the forces we are fighting against to the future we are fighting for.""

- Valarie Kaur

“Tygielski and Williams offer a way forward to end racism that turns the seemingly impossible into a real possibility."

- Sharon Salzberg

“I remember a time in America where many of us believed that we could possibly see an end to racism someday. Shelly and Justin have, in this unforgettable text, resurrected the possibility, and created a clear path forward that we simply must consider. This is the most important book of the year."

- Shaun King

“My initial internal reaction to seeing the title was the truest testament to the healing this book offers. I immediately got defensive and started listing off reasons why racism wouldn't end in my lifetime. Reading through the book shifted my perspective and opened my mind to new possibilities.”

- Shelah Marie

Stay Woke

A Meditation Guide for the Rest of Us

by Justin Michael Williams

A no-nonsense guide to establishing a personal meditation practice, changing your life, and taking hold of your dreams.

CONFESSION: This is not really a meditation book.

Yes, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about meditation, but if you came looking for a typical guide to mindfulness, you’re in the wrong place. We are modern people in a high-tech world. We have first-world problems and long to-do lists. And if you grew up in struggle―overcoming homophobia, sexism, trauma, shame, depression, poverty, toxic masculinity, racism, or social injustice―you need a different type of meditation … one that doesn’t pretend the struggle doesn’t exist.


"...This book could be a godsend, a portal into embodied clarity, wakefulness, meaning, and action. Enter. Enter. Enter. And trust in your capacity to flower in your own way, for the sake of the world."

- Jon Kabat-Zinn

"As a longtime meditator, I've seen the power of meditation firsthand. Stay Woke is a beautiful, action-packed guide to making this vital practice accessible for everyone. Do yourself, your family, and the world a favor and get started now."

- Marie Forleo

"Williams has created something special...out of the many voices in the world, this is one we should listen to."

- Yung Pueblo [Diego Perez]

"Clear, empowering, practical, and joyful."

- Jack Kornfield

"I wish I would've had this book as a young person navigating racism, sexism, and homophobia. Stay Woke is a beacon of light in a time of deep despair."

- Patrisse Cullors

"This book was masterfully written to help guide us through the world that we're actually in. It acknowledges the real challenges we're facing and helps guide us through them. It's the best book of its kind that I've ever read."

- Shaun King