Black History Before America

articles by justin guides Feb 22, 2021

I wanted to offer something special to our community. Usually we celebrate all of the becomings of Black culture in modern times. But what about Black History before America? 

This 4-part podcast series I recorded in 2019 will make your jaw drop, and teach you something new. 

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Black History Before America: Religion 

Black History Before America: Slavery 

Black History Before America: Discover Your African Ancestry 

Black History Before America: Year of Return

BONUS: The Power of JUSTICE  

As we—all people, of all backgrounds—reclaim our roots beyond “Black” and “white,” we reclaim our power, and come back to a level of truth that’s hard to find in modern times.

With all my love, 


p.s... I also put together this list of resources to help...

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Have you noticed? The Emergence of a New Political Party

articles by justin Nov 06, 2020

The polls would have us believe that “our country is divided.” But I don’t think that’s true.


What might be true, however, might make you look in another direction.


With movies like The Social Dilemma and Black Mirror, it’s easy to understand how this “divide” happens... but I won’t get into that here. What I will get into is this.


A new party is emerging.

But what will we call it?


Being asked to choose "red or blue" collapses our essence. 


If you zoom in on the election map even just a little bit, you’ll notice that no state is just red or blue. They’re all purple- even California. Each state is a mix. But we’re asked to ignore that.


And right now, I think we’re all realizing that “red or blue” isn’t enough.


A new party is emerging.

But what will we call it?


By being forced to choose between red and blue, we’re being forced to...

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Ending Racism: How to Change the World in One Generation

articles by justin Aug 28, 2020

Almost every piece of work or literature that I've read on racism is built on one assumption: that it cannot end.

Or at best, that it will be a "lifelong fight." That ending racism will be something that "will probably never happen in our generation."

Most of the quotes you hear about the fight against racism sound something like this:

"We used to say that ours is not the struggle of one day, one week, or one year. Ours is not the struggle of one judicial appointment or presidential term. Ours is the struggle of a lifetime, or maybe even many lifetimes, and each one of us in every generation must do our part." 
~ John Lewis, late civil rights leader and former U.S. Representative

But, if we all continue to say, "racism is something that can never end in our generation." Then who the hell ever gets to take responsibility for ending it?

Enter: us.

We still have a dream. But we are the vessel for the dreams our ancestors were unable to dream.  

The current work and research...

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