The Power of DISORDER

the kingdom May 04, 2021

#42 Power of DISORDER (w/ Vanessa Inn & Cristi Christensen)

Learn how disorder in our lives can help us RE-ORDER in a way that brings us more power and purpose. When you’re going through a rough patch, and things are not working in your favor, the tips our guests give in this episode will help you find the message in the mess so you can move forward and learn the lesson that’s trying to press through.

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the kingdom Apr 27, 2021

#41 Power of Creativity

There’s a difference between Colonized Creativity and Decolonized Creativity. Learn how to distinguish between the two and wake up your creative power in this life-altering interactive session with Justin. Here’s a hint: you don’t have to be an “artist” to be creative. You’re creating the most important thing of all—your life. Dive in.

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The Power of "THE DOUBLE A's"

the kingdom Apr 13, 2021

#39 Power of “THE DOUBLE A’s”

There are two words starting with the letter “A” that will change the trajectory of your life. Everything we do, to everything we think and say, is based upon these two words. And if you don’t be careful, there’s another A word you might have to deal with. Enjoy this powerful session on what Justin calls, “The Double A’s.”

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the kingdom Apr 06, 2021

We often hear the quote, “you must die to be reborn,” but most people want to skip the death part. But we are not reborn in spite of our hardships—it is because of our scars that we learn to shine. In this special session, learn why resurrection is a concept that goes well beyond Christianity, and how it touches our real lives, so that you can experience rebirth—no matter what you’re going through.
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The Power of DESIRE

the kingdom Mar 28, 2021

When asked, “what do you really want in your life?” do you know how to answer the question? And most importantly, what are the steps to get there? Learn what Lil Nas X can teach us about desire and the power to welcome our shadows so we can find our true light.

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the kingdom Mar 21, 2021

Fear will stop you in your tracks, especially when you’re on the verge of doing something creative and new. Learn the seven sneaky forms of fear and how they come disguised to stop you every time you try to grow.

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The Power of HEALING CONVERSATIONS (w/ Jeff Krasno)

the kingdom Mar 16, 2021

#35 Power of Healing Conversations (w/ Jeff Krasno) Founder of Commune, Jeff Krasno, teaches us a tested process for how to turn “messy” conversations into HEALING conversations. Shame and blame don’t work. Not on ourselves or each other. Learn how to have messy conversations across any divide—with family, friends, and social and political lines. It’s time to learn how to better communicate. To actually listen and hear each other.

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The Power of TRUTH (w/ Shannon Algeo)

the kingdom Mar 09, 2021

#34 Power of TRUTH (w/ Shannon Algeo) Today on The Kingdom we welcome Shannon Algeo who teaches us exactly how to TRUST our TRUTH. How do you find your way back to the center when you get lost? How do you remember to come back to your power when you’ve given it away. Shannon gives us tips from his new book, Trust Your Truth, in this special and powerful session.
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the kingdom Mar 02, 2021

#33 Power of RADIANT REST (w/ ALONZO & Tracee Stanley) Today we are blessed with two special guests—international recording artist ALONZO, and best-selling author Tracee Stanley, showing us how the power of REST can wake us up to our power. We often think of rest as “relaxing,” but there’s more to it than you think, especially if you follow Tracee’s simple steps of Yoga Nidra, “The Yoga of Sleep.” Get ready to wake up to your dreams.

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