The Power of ASTROLOGY

the kingdom Feb 22, 2021

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The Power of LOVE

the kingdom Feb 15, 2021

#31 Power of Love

LOVE - one of the most misunderstood yet highly coveted words of the English language… but do you know what love REALLY means to practice the art of loving? How do you give love? How do you receive love? And what do you do when someone you love is treating you badly? Justin unpacks WHAT LOVE IS NOT and what LOVE MIGHT BE so you can fall deeper in love with one of the most effusive feelings of the human experience.

Here’s a link to the book Justin reference’s in today’s session, All About Love by Bell Hooks:

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The Power of ASKING

the kingdom Feb 09, 2021

We spend so much time searching for answers, but how do you know if you’re even asking the right question? In this special session, Justin brings up a few audience members live to help us understand how to reframe your questions so that you can finally get the answers you’ve been searching for in your life.

"Surrender” Poem by Ally Quirk - IG:

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The Power of NEW CYCLES

the kingdom Feb 02, 2021

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The Power of THE WHISPER (w/ Brothers Koren)

the kingdom Jan 26, 2021

 #28 Power of THE WHISPER 

People say that our life is always “whispering to us,” but how do we learn to distinguish between the whispers of fear and whispers of growth? Our special guests, Brothers Koren, return to The Kingdom to help us understand the choir of small voices that hold us back, and how to listen to the quiet, still voice that has your best interest— the voice within that knows what’s next for your life.

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The Power of HEART (w/ Sianna Sherman)

the kingdom Jan 19, 2021

#27 - Power of HEART The heart is the home of all places, go there and roam. What is your soul’s innermost longing? What is calling you forward? Our special guest Sianna Sherman helps us listen in to the calling that’s whispering to us and beckoning us forward to the next stage of our reWILDing, power, and creativity.

Dedicated to embodied wisdom, social justice activism, anti-racism, unpacking her own white privilege, shadow work, mantra, ritual, and Tantric yoga philosophy, Sianna brings a genuine presence to every offering with humility, devotion, and deep care for the collective. Learn more at

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The Power of LETTING GO (w/ Yung Pueblo)

the kingdom Jan 12, 2021

#26 - Power of LETTING GO 

Special guest Yung Pueblo guides us through letting go of old patterns to find your truth. This interview from our special Voices of Hope series will inspire you to find your truth, dive deeper into your personal work, and wake up to the calling that is beckoning you forward this year. 

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The Power of EVOLUTION (w/ Shelly Tygielski)

the kingdom Jan 03, 2021

Power of EVOLUTION “Evolution, not resolutions!” is the theme of this week’s session with our special guest Shelly Tygielski, Founder of Pandemic of Love and author of the upcoming book, Sit Down to Rise Up. Learn why usually resolutions don’t work, and how to take practical steps, why INTENTIONS are actually better than goals GOALS, and how to get back on track toward the big dream you had for the new year.
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The Power of HOMECOMING (w/ Dr. Thema)

the kingdom Dec 28, 2020

#24 - Power of HOMECOMING 

When you feel lost, how to come home to yourself, this special episode with Dr. Thema teaches you about the power of coming home to yourself. And how to know when you’ve stayed in a burning house for too long, or on the flip side when you’ve run away too fast before getting a chance to love. No more trying to fix people, no more surrendering the fantasy of what we “thought” we were supposed to want, now more running from our shadows - it’s time to come home to the truth of YOU. 

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the kingdom Dec 21, 2020

Most people get manifesting all wrong. Learn the 3 Keys to Manifesting in this special masterclass with Justin. You’ll learn how to reverse engineer the process of becoming so that you can start to see a real, lasting transformation in your life and stop being so BUSY without seeing the results you desire.

Here are the links Justin mentions in the session: 



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