The Power of Justice

thekingdom Sep 28, 2020

This session of The Kingdom was so important, and so powerful, that I had to share it here. And I encourage you to watch with your whole heart.

In this special session of The Kingdom, we take a mindful movement toward equality and social justice. Together, we enter the shadow of discomfort, and process the emotions we must face with courage and openness if we want to see real, lasting change. The key: authenticity.

The way you as an individual participate in this movement will not (and should not) be like anyone else. Let us not be plagued by comparison, antagonism, or perfectionism. What the world needs right now, more than ever, is for all of us to wake up together. To claim our authentic voice. And to start the revolution from the inside out.

In this session, which is really a masterclass, be prepared to experience a dynamic journey, that will include a soulful talk, music, a mindfulness practice and education, which from the ground up, have been built to welcome all ages,...

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