My Favorite Tools to Jumpstart Your Online Business

guides Dec 02, 2020

Many of you know that I have been running an online business for 12 years. It started in 2008 when I launched my first online course teaching people how to run Facebook Ads. Since then, I’ve had over 100,000 students and clients in more than 40 countries worldwide. And along the way, I’ve learned some big lessons. From podcasting to webinars and online courses to releasing music, building a truly diverse community centered around values is what I’m most proud of.

One of the things I’ve never done, however, is let you all know which systems and tools I actually use to make this all happen.

Given the world's current state, I know many of you are trying to:

(a) start an online business or
(b) get the one you already have to start generating real revenue for you.

So I thought I’d let you under the hood to tell you what I believe are the best platforms and products to use if you want to build a thriving, conscious, online business...

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The Power of THOUGHTS

the kingdom Nov 30, 2020

Do our thoughts actually create our reality? Or does it go much deeper than that? You’ll be surprised by the answer as Justin guides you through a special experience to learn how to anchor your thoughts in service of your growth and transformation. Learn how to stop being so hard on yourself and a special 4-part process to reignite your truth during hard times.

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Top 10 Spiritual Gifts

guides Nov 27, 2020

I know during this holiday season, so many of us want to get gifts that matter. 

These are the Top 10 Spiritual Gifts. 

All from small business owners, woman-owned businesses, solopreneurs, or a minority-owned business. 

Using the links below will help us support The Kingdom and all the free programming we offer. 


The Best Tarot Cards - Beauty of the Tarot by Brenda Villa

These custom cards created by Brenda Villa are the only tarot deck I use. They’re not as “scary” as some of the other decks and are filled with joy and love and empowerment to help you on your journey forward. They also come with a small booklet to tell you all the meanings of the cards.

$36 using the code "ARCANA"

The Best for Manifesting - Wishbeads by Alexa Fischer 

Anyone who knows me knows I always have Wishbeads on my wrist. This is the #1 gift I give to friends and family. You write an intention, and put it inside a small...

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the kingdom Nov 22, 2020

Learn a 3-stage process for every transition and a special equation that will help you see how much potential you have yet to live (hint: it’s more than you think). Our special guest Chip Conley joins Justin LIVE from the Modern Elder Academy in Baja Sur, Mexico.

Learn more about MEA:

Learn more about Chip Conley:

Join us Live for The Kingdom here:

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the kingdom Nov 15, 2020

#18 - Power of Connection Our special guests Dan Siegel and Shelly Tygielski, dive deep with us on the power of connection. How do we talk across political divides? How do we find connections across cultural lines? The world needs the medicine that this session offers, and I think you’ll be surprised where we land.

Join us Live for The Kingdom here:

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The Power of PURPOSE

the kingdom Nov 08, 2020

Learn the 3 biggest lies that throw most people off track from living out their true purpose and calling. And how to get back on track if you’ve gotten stuck. With special inspiration from Elizabeth Gilbert and Oprah Winfrey, this session will open your eyes to that “something more” that’s living inside.

Books referenced in this session:

* Stay Woke, by Justin Michael Williams:

* Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert:

* The Wisdom of Sundays, by Oprah Winfrey:

Join us Live for The Kingdom here:

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Have you noticed? The Emergence of a New Political Party

articles by justin Nov 06, 2020

The polls would have us believe that “our country is divided.” But I don’t think that’s true.


What might be true, however, might make you look in another direction.


With movies like The Social Dilemma and Black Mirror, it’s easy to understand how this “divide” happens... but I won’t get into that here. What I will get into is this.


A new party is emerging.

But what will we call it?


Being asked to choose "red or blue" collapses our essence. 


If you zoom in on the election map even just a little bit, you’ll notice that no state is just red or blue. They’re all purple- even California. Each state is a mix. But we’re asked to ignore that.


And right now, I think we’re all realizing that “red or blue” isn’t enough.


A new party is emerging.

But what will we call it?


By being forced to choose between red and blue, we’re being forced to...

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The Power of WISDOM

the kingdom Nov 01, 2020

The ingredients to wisdom = Essence + Story. Learn 3 special techniques to tap into your essential wisdom with our special guest Vanessa Inn. For over 40 years, Vanessa has worked with leaders on the world’s greatest stages, including P!NK and more, with millions of views worldwide. She joins Justin in a special conversation today and gives us 3 practices that will help you let go of limiting stories and change your life by tapping into your true, authentic essence.

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The Power of PRIVILEGE

the kingdom Oct 25, 2020

We often think about privilege as black and white, have and have not, but you might be surprised when you learn your Privilege Score in this special interactive session of The Kingdom. Grab a pen and paper (or just use the notes on your phone) as you start to uncover the hidden beliefs that might keep you stuck in the same patterns you’re trying to break through as Justin guides us through the Privilege Test.

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The Power of FEAR

the kingdom Oct 18, 2020

Learn the 7 Forms of Fear and how to overcome them. Fear and Faith are the exact same thing: they both require you to believe in a future that hasn’t happened yet. But one causes demise, and the other causes growth. Step beyond the hidden fears that might be holding you back in this powerful session of the Kingdom with Justin Michael Williams.

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